Tips To Help You Focus Your Visitations On The Child

Issues surrounding child custody can get so contentious that parents forget what they were fighting about in the first place – the child. Child custody and visitation is not about upstaging your former partner, or "denying" him or her time with his or her little one. You should be fighting to ensure that the child gets the best of both worlds here are a few tips to help you achieve child-centered visitation: [Read More]

The Challenges Of Divorcing In A Foreign State

You probably know that you don't have to divorce in the state in which you were married; you can divorce in a foreign state. However, divorcing in a foreign state has its challenges, and you should be aware of them before submitting your petition. Here are three of the most important issues to know: Residency Is Required One of the first things you will need to prove is that one of you is a resident of the state in which you wish to file your divorce forms. [Read More]