3 Reasons Why You Should File For An Unchallenged Divorce

Divorce can trigger frightening feelings, grief, and emotions. It can uncover people's weaknesses, and they might end up making poor decisions. Most couples agree on one thing when they decide to get divorced they're—unhappy and want to move on. But, sometimes, one person may want a divorce, and the other doesn't. This may lead to a disputed divorce, which can take several months or years. Contentious divorces are almost always messy and expensive. [Read More]

Injured And Need To Sue For Damages? Know These Terms

Were you injured by another person and need to sue for damages? If so, you'll want to meet with a personal injury lawyer for a consultation. However, it is best to become familiar with a few common terms associated with personal injury cases so that you can be well prepared.  Tort A tort is when you file a civil lawsuit against somebody, but it is for an act that is not considered an actual crime. [Read More]

Are You Divorcing In A Community Property State? What To Know

Only a few states still divide marital property according to community property rules. In a nutshell, it means that everything a couple owns is considered to be owned jointly. To learn more about how things get divided in these states, read on. Is It Fair?  Unlike the other way of dividing property, equitable distribution, community property rules don't even try to achieve any sort of fairness. That is because property and debts are owned by both parties jointly regardless of who you might think should be the owner. [Read More]

Equitable Distribution And What It Means To Your Divorce

The US, as far as divorce goes, is divided into two different legal categories: equitable distribution and community property. Almost every state follows the equitable distribution legal method when it comes to dealing with marital property and debts. If you live in an equitable distribution state, knowing what to expect is important, so read on to find out more. It's Not Necessarily An Equal Distribution With the moniker of equitable distribution, you might think things are meant to be split equally, but that is not always the way things go. [Read More]