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3 Reasons Why You Should File For An Unchallenged Divorce

Divorce can trigger frightening feelings, grief, and emotions. It can uncover people's weaknesses, and they might end up making poor decisions. Most couples agree on one thing when they decide to get divorced they're—unhappy and want to move on. But, sometimes, one person may want a divorce, and the other doesn't. This may lead to a disputed divorce, which can take several months or years. Contentious divorces are almost always messy and expensive. This is why you should talk to your divorce lawyer about an unchallenged divorce. Below are three reasons why you should file for an uncontested breakup.

1. Saves You Money 

Divorce can be expensive due to court costs and lawyer fees. It can cost you tens of thousands of dollars or more, but if you go the uncontested way, you will pay less. Therefore, if you and your partner can't seem to agree, you may want to ask yourself whether you want to give more to your spouse or spend more on the divorce. However, just because an uncontested divorce costs less doesn't mean it's cheap. Remember that your divorce is an investment, and you need the assistance of an attorney to handle complex financial issues and ensure that your legal documents are correct. 

2. Faster Divorce Process

An unchallenged divorce is fast and can be done quickly. On the other hand, a contested divorce can last for years. But the first step is for you to agree with your partner and get everything drafted by your divorce lawyer and sign. 

3. It's Easier

Deciding to terminate your marriage can be stressful. So why should you make the process more stressful by contesting everything? In a contested divorce, you and your divorce attorney will have to file and respond to motions, attend multiple hearings, and engage in discovery where you have to share your personal records. Such a stressful experience can be overwhelming, but you can avoid it by choosing the uncontested route. 

Unlike a contested divorce, you won't have to do much in an uncontested divorce. However, while you may not want to argue about everything in your marriage, it doesn't mean you should let your partner take advantage. When you notice they're making things unfair, you should contact a divorce lawyer to help protect your rights. 

Divorce is a stressful and highly emotional event, but taking the uncontested route will simplify the process. Therefore, even if you feel hurt and want to seek revenge in a divorce, consider the benefits highlighted above and settle things amicably. To be on the safe side, talk to a divorce attorney to draft the agreement and look for potential issues. 

For more information, contact a local uncontested divorce attorney.