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How To Get Ready For A Divorce

Divorce is a major change in anyone's life, and it can be an emotional time. The process is overwhelming, so you need to be as prepared as possible. Understandably, you likely have some concerns. Here are some ways to get yourself ready for a divorce:

Know What to Expect

To best prepare for a divorce, you should know what to expect as you move through the process. Take a moment to learn about the basic divorce laws in your state so you know your rights. You should also go over custody laws in your state if you have children together.

Heed Non-Legal Advice Carefully

You will quickly learn from friends and family that everyone will have an opinion about your divorce and are quick to offer advice. You do not want to take any legal advice from someone without a law degree. While these people care about you, you have to take what they say with a grain of salt, as their situations are likely different from yours. You should do what only your attorney says to prevent any problems with your case.

Check Your Emotions

There is no doubt this is an emotionally charged time in your life. However, you need to be careful with your behavior until your divorce is finalized. If you are found to behave poorly, it can have a negative impact on your case. How you act can determine a judge's opinion of you, which can seriously harm you and your final settlement. You should also be careful with how you speak on social media platforms. Be careful not to vent online, as anyone can find it, screenshot it, and send it to your former spouse's attorney. Depending on what you say, you could lose custody of your children. While it is difficult, try to shy away from venting your feelings to anyone except your attorney and perhaps a therapist.

Prepare Your Children

When you talk to your children, you have to do so carefully. You and your spouse should tell them together and explain how things will change. If this is not possible, talk to your children in the most delicate terms. Be sure you do not blame their other parent or talk badly about him or her in front of the children, even if you do feel negative feelings. Just provide the most basic facts, talk about where you will live and when you will see them, and most importantly, tell them the divorce is not their fault. Just reassure your children that things will be different, but they will ultimately be okay.

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