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Reducing Your Child Support Payments

Child support can be a huge burden on the lives of those who have to pay it regularly. As a result, many people seek legal help to reduce their child support payments so that they can generate enough income and savings to build a new life after a divorce or other life change. Here are some instances where you could potentially get your child support payments reduced.

1. The Other Parent's Income Increases

If you are talking to the other parent of your children or your children happen to mention that the other parent was able to get a raise or a promotion, then you might be able to talk to the courts about having your child support payments lowered. This is because the other parent is not going to need nearly as much of your money to continue raising the children in the same manner as before. In order to have the increase count, you will need to ask the courts for an order to force the other parent to produce proof of salary that is dated as close as possible to the present. If the proof of salary shows that the salary is higher than when the child support was set, the judge will be able to decide if the salary has increased enough to warrant your support payments being reduced.

2. Your Income Decreases

If your income decreases, then it might be impossible for you to pay your child support payments without becoming homeless, getting your electricity shut off, or having to go hungry. It is unfair for the courts to declare that you have to pay this amount of money even though it seriously diminishes your quality of life. In order to make sure that the courts know that your income has significantly decreased, you will have to provide proof of your current salary. You might also have to prove that you are looking for another job that will allow you to make the payments again.

3. You Have Large, Necessary Expenses

If you need to have heart surgery, chemotherapy, or some other extremely expensive procedure in order to stay alive, the courts will take your medical bills into consideration when they reset your child support payment amount. Your payments might be reduced until you are able to pay off your medical bills. You can also count having to help pay for an elderly parent and paying for bankruptcy, which can help you qualify for a reduced payment plan.

For more information, talk to a family and divorce attorney that specializes in child support payment.